Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

"Using images from Arab TV, rarely seen in the West, Obsession reveals an ‘insider's view' of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. With the help of experts, including first-hand accounts from a former PLO terrorist, a Nazi youth commander, and the daughter of a martyred guerilla leader, the film shows, clearly, that the threat is real. A peaceful religion is being hijacked by a dangerous foe, who seeks to destroy the shared values we stand for. The world should be very concerned."

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Flight 93 memorial is a terrorist memorial mosque, Part 1: It points to Mecca.

Protesting for a mosque ground zero NYC

Video begins with Tom Burnett Senior's appeal to the American people to please help stop the Park Service from planting a giant Islamic shaped crescent atop his son's grave. The half-mile wide crescent, originally named the Crescent of Embrace, points almost exactly to Mecca. That makes it a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built. (Some mihrabs are pointed arch shape, but the archetypical mihrab is crescent shaped.)

A second typical mosque feature is the 93 foot tall Tower of Voices, which as Mr. Burnett notes: Looks like a minaret, and has a crescent on top. These and a host of other Islamic and terrorist memorializing features all remain completely intact in the so-called redesign.

The design is called the Circle of Embrace now, but according to the Park Service's own website the circle is still broken, and in the exact same places as before. The unbroken part of the circle, what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11, is still a giant Islamic shaped crescent, still pointing to Mecca.

Pilgrims at Mecca There Is No God But Allah, and America Is The Enemy of Allah!

Muslim pilgrims at Mecca chanting: DEATH TO AMERICA!

CNN: Radical American Muslims praise Fort Hood shooter

Saturday, September 4, 2010

US Cartoon of Mexican Flag Vs.Mexican Beheading?

An American cartoonist's rendition of the Mexican flag is causing controversy? GRUESOME Beheading from Mexican Drug Cartel should cause controversy!
Video is Graphic*** Video is Graphic*** Video is Graphic***

(Sept. 4) -- An American cartoonist's rendition of the Mexican flag is causing controversy south of the border, where Mexicans say it's offensive to taint their national symbol with images of drug violence.


SPECIAL UPDATE: NEW GRUESOME Beheading from Mexican Drug Cartel of Fully Awake Man.....Video is Graphic
Video is hid on porn sites. Be forewarned.

**NEW VIDEOS ADDED BELOW**Graphic beheading, just leaked to the internet.